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The Idaho Puppet Theatre! LLC performs puppet shows throughout Idaho. Contact us to schedule a performance at YOUR venue or to order a DVD!

The following puppet shows are available.   Each show features up to 10 puppet performers and an authentic curtained stage. Stage canopy is optional. Click to view the attached documents to read a description of each show and to request a performance. Then just call or email us!

  • A Song for Wilderness – Eagle is sent on a journey to gather wilderness songs and learns that it might not be what you think. This show was written especially for the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. (DVD available!)
  • The Night of Dreams – It’s the Winter Solstice and fiercely cold. The People are starving. Otter, Eagle and Bear want to help, but will they understand what their dreams are telling them?
  • The Little Wolf Who Couldn’t Howl – Little Wolf is lost and scared in the Big Forest and depends on the kindness of others to find her way home.
  • The Fox Who Wanted Some Friends – A magical journey teaches Felicity Fox to value her own unique characteristics.
  • Lookin’ for a Home – Greta Grizzly Bear is confused about what she really needs to survive and thrive. The audience helps her remember her lessons from Grizzly School.
  • So, What’s Important? – Betty Badger and Mr. Jack Rabbit argue about what makes their sagebrush home so special and find through their travels what’s really important.
  • Boulder, Be Bolder – A young mountain goat afraid of heights finds his courage with a little help from unlikely friends.
  • Little Wolf’s Very Bad Day – Little Wolf is back! Have you ever wondered how she got her reputation? Tim Burr, the mostly deaf reporter, leaves the audience laughing. This story is for older kids and adults – knowing a few popular fairy tales is the only prerequisite.

Puppet troupes are currently performing in northern and southern Idaho. Contact IPT! to schedule a performance at your venue!  Or to order a DVD!

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